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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Nothing new to tell you about today, so here is part of a questionnaire I recently received.
What was your favorite sports moment that you witnessed in person?
1:: My very first Yankee game. May 8th, 1994. Yankees vs. Red Sox (how fitting) with my Mom and Dad on Mother's Day, the Yankees won 8-4 thanks to back-to-back-to-back homeruns. They didn't hit back-to-back-to-back homeruns again in the regular season until 2005 against the D'Rays. They did it again, however, in the 1997 playoffs, which brings me to...
2:: Game One of the 1997 ALDS against the Cleveland Indians. David Cone gave up five runs and the Yanks were down 5-0, but thanks to those back-to-back-to-back homeruns (yet again), they ended up winning 8-5 I believe. This was my first playoff game, and I'll never forget the feeling I got that night. I'll also never forget being absolutely drenched with Budweiser and coming home at 2 a.m. as a ten-year-old reeking of beer.
3:: May 27th, 2005, Yankees versus, you guessed it, Red Sox. Big Unit versus Tim Wakefield. There was no score for the first few innings but then Jason Varitek hit a two-run homerun off Johnson (one of the many he gave up this season) and things were looking pretty bad for the Yanks. Randy Johnson gave up a hit that looked as though it was going to score the third run, but Tony Womack, yes, Tony Womack, made a perfect throw from center and nailed the runner at the plate (and Jorge actually blocked it!). Very next play, with Johnny Damon on the bases, another ball was hit hard at Cano, but he booted it. Damon was rounding third as Robi recovered, threw off balance, and nailed Captain Caveman before he touched home. Robinson Cano, Rookie-Wonder, later stepped up to the plate, and did in one month what Alex Rodriguez was unable to do in his whole first season: Get a huge hit against the Red Sox. Cano drilled a two-run homerun into right field, scoring Bernie Williams and tying the game. Later on, Gary Sheffield hit what ended up being the game-winning homerun, the bullpen did its job, and after the Sandman entered, it was all over. (*And unrelated to the game but still very interesting and amusing, my friend and I got to see Randy Johnson arrive to Yankee Stadium in his little red MINI-COOPER! Seriously! I just found that hilarious!)
Misc:: Sitting in the front row of a Mets game with my sister this past season, talking to Miguel Cairo and then watching as he got the game-winning, walk-off single in the 9th inning:: Sitting in the second row behind home plate at Yankee Stadium in 2000 and watching Andy Pettitte shut-out the Blue Jays while conversing with Carlos Delgado in the on-deck circle and taking incredible pictures of Derek Jeter and Tino Martinez. Before the game, I walked into Joe Pepitone on an elevator and was promised a foul ball by my beloved Tino (only to have Joe Torre summon him into the dugout, much to my dismay):: And finally, going to the Garden right before Christmas 2001 to watch the Knicks take on the Wizards. I got to see Michael Jordan play (and win) so that was pretty special.
Yeah so I hope that wasn't too boring for you... That Yankees Front Office really needs to get to work because I've got nothing to talk about! Thanks for reading...Check back later!!!
*Lara Marie

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hakeem said...

nice. you've seen some impressive ball games i'm jealous. you're a good writer and know your stuff. impressive. bye.