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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Flashback a Few Years...

Well, another day, another lack of Yankees news to report. So while we wait for the executives to get things going, here's an embarrassing piece of poetry I wrote after the 1999 season that was published the next year. (Keep in mind, please, that I was only twelve years old!)

The New York Yankees
I'd like to congratulate the Yankees this year
For always giving me reason to cheer.
They're all smart, friendly, and great ball players,
Everyone likes 'em, even the mayors!
With Tino and Chuck at second and first,
A double play is what we thirst.
Scott and Derek play at short and third,
To say they're no good would just be absurd!
Bernie, Ricky, Paul, Shane, and Chad,
A much better outfield, we've never had.
Of course there are the catchers, Jorge and Joe,
backin' up the plate and in no way slow.
And then there are the DHs, Darryl and Chili,
Get them out? Don't be silly!
Coney joins the perfect game list
And El Duque and Andy cannot be missed.
Hideki and Rocket did their jobs
And when hitters faced Mo, they'd break out in sobs.
"The Boss," Zimmer, all the coaches and Torre,
1999 was a season of glory!
My heart goes out to Paul, Luis, and Scott,
Prayers for their fathers, they got a lot.
"Thirty-five pennants, twenty-five time World Champs,"
to the Mets fans I will sing,
"My Yankees swept, they won, and will bring home another ring!"
The other teams and other fans will really fuss
Because "Team of the Century" is what they'll call us!
Baseball for the Bronx Bombers further than September?
Yeah! 1999, A Season to Remember!

(Originally published in "Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans: 2000 Edition")

*Lara Marie


Anonymous said...

12 years old Awwww

Anonymous said...

how cute are you?!