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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

$52 Million and Four More Years...

The New York Yankees and Hideki Matsui Reportedly Agree to a Four-Year, $52 Million Deal

Wonderful to see that Godzilla will return as a Yankee next season, though the move is not at all unexpected. Last season, Matsui established single-season career highs in batting average (.305), hits (192), doubles (45) and RBIs (116). Despite leaving eight men on base in Game 5 of the ALDS and an alarming decline in defensive play, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more consistent hitter with a favorable personality (that's where Manny loses points, you see) in the game today. Now all we have to do is find out a way to break this ridiculous consecutive games streak!

Thanks for sticking around, Hideki...You're making more than Ichiro now!

In Other News:: The Yankees exercised the 2006 option on right-hander Tanyon Sturtze, deciding to pick up his $1.5 million option. (Welcome back, Tanyon! How about next season you pitch like the first half of '05, please?) -Albert Pujols won NL MVP (Sorry, voters, but you got it wrong again! That award belonged to Andruw Jones) -And finally, Major League Baseball and the Player's Association agreed on a new drug policy that calls for new and tougher penalties for steroids-abusers. (50 games for a first-time offense, 100 for second-time offenders, followed by a lifelong ban after that. Much better!)

Now that the Matsui deal has been taken care of, the team can start focusing on a new centerfielder and some help for the bullpen. For the first time in years, starting pitching seems to be in pretty good shape...In fact, there aren't enough spots in the rotation this time around, But I don't think the Yanks are complaining. Looking forward to what should be an interesting (and hopefully short!) offseason!

*Lara Marie


tony said...

did hideki really wanna make more than ichiro?

tony said...

good job by the way dis shit's off da hook