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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Just a Flesh Wound

According to Dick Kaegel of, lovable and reliable ex-Yankee Kyle Farnsworth had a bit of an accident this morning after he was bitten on the hand by one of his two American bulldogs, either Rambo or Strike.

"I think it was Rambo," said Farnsworth. "I don't know. I reached in there and started grabbing dogs and throwing dogs. And one of them got me. One of those things that happens. It's never pretty. I've had to do it a few times and it's ugly."

I'd be more likely to put my money on Strike, as
Farnsworth and strikes are often at odds with one another.

Luckily for
Kyle, he was bitten on his left hand and the hard-throwing righty shouldn't miss any playing time.

"It hurts a little bit, but no big deal. Just a flesh wound," he said.


Anonymous said...

do you think he even realized he was quoting a python movie? i doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha...I miss him so much...I don't mean his pitching.... All the "stuff" that comes with him...

theMick said...

He really is just a big Teddy bear, isn't he? "Grabbing dogs, throwing dogs around".... ASPCA must leave old Kyle

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he was wearing his granny glasses