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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Debate: The Overcrowded Outfield

Damon, Swisher, and Nady- Newest Rockettes?

The Yankees have three outfield spots available for five everyday outfielders.

Joe Girardi
recently stated that Hideki Matsui would be a ful
l-time DH, at least until Interleague play starts up this summer.

But that still leaves four outfielders vying for playing time.

Johnny Damon's days as a center fielder are long over, but he provides more than enough offense and still possesses enough speed in the field to warrant a guaranteed spot in left.

Brett Gardner beat out Melky Cabrera (a sixth player to consider in the OF, if you are so inclinded) for the center field job thanks to a power-filled Spring Training. Gardner does absolutely nothing for me except provide speed, but of the players being considered, he is the best option for center.

Nice guy, Brett Gardner. Liked him in person. Not so much in centerfield. Where are you, Austin Jackson?

So that leaves Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher. Girardi said during the Yankees' time in Tampa that the two would battle it out for the right field position and just before camp broke, it was announced that Nady had won the starting job.

Four games into the regular season, Matsui looks lost at the plate and Swisher has driven in 6 runs in the last two games alone. Nady is clearly the superior defender in right, but it's hard to justify sitting Swisher. As much as I hate to say it, perhaps it's time to thank Matsui for the memories and move on, with Nady in right and Swisher as the full-time DH.

How will Joe Girardi shuffle his outfield? It should be fascinating to watch the ongoing saga of the overcrowded outfield.

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nyybebesprt said...

you met brett?!?! jealous! cute pics! love the cancan one and nicky and zavier at the bottom.