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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Boston Massacre, Revisited (Composed After Sunday Night Baseball Between the Yanks and Sox)


Coming into tonight's game, the Red Sox had surrendered 39 runs to the Yankees, lost 3 games in a row and fell to 4.5 back in the division.

They had their savior and saint, Curt Schilling on the mound to be the stopper. The ace. To stop the bleeding (pardon the pun) and restore a sense of order and normalcy to Red Sox Nation. End the madness of the Boston Massacre, Revisited.

Alas, St. Schill could not. He pitched well enough for a win though. When he was forced out because of a high pitch count, things looked good for the Boys from Beantown. They had their phenomenal prodigy on the mound to close it out and beat the big, bad Yankees. They had Jonathan...........................................Papelbon. Savior of the Universe. The Mariano Rivera of Boston (haha, yeah right!). The be all and end all.

.....Or not. Papelbon blew the save, his 6th of the season, and the game was tied- Thank you Jason Giambi, Melky Cabrera, and Captain Jeter. The greatest closer of all time entered and got himself into a big jam. Bases loaded, only one out. But Mo showed the Fenway Faithful that ice water runs in those veins...That no matter how good your closer is, he will never equal the unsurpassed greatest of one Mr. Mariano Rivera. Papelbon? Second best closer in the big leagues, at least this season. But there's only one Superman.

And after Mo's escape-artist act in the 9th, Jason Giambi and Jorge Posada provided the final blows to bury the BoSox and break the hearts of an entire Nation. Big Papi made the last out and the Yankees prevailed in the biggest series of the season.

Four games, four wins. Come-from-behind victories. 47 runs in 37 innings. Turning around a 3 1/2 game deficit to a 5 1/2 game lead in only a month. Crushing defeats of epic proportions and historical significance. Tonight's 4:17 minute game may have been the most heartbreaking of them all.

How sweet it is.


Anonymous said...

you can't stop now! 5 in a row girl. I'm checking back tomorrow to read your comments on Monday's game. SWEET!!!

Craig Wilson said...

Good times in Boston.
Did you ever realize that Aaron Guiel and I look EXACTLY the same. It's *crazy*! I get confused as to who I am sometimes. They'll call Aaron over to pinch hit and I'll think they're calling me cuz I look just like him. It's a pain. Well, I'll stop complaining to you cuz what can you do, you know. Good update! I'll check back later!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha take that bosox biotches! you suck!

Anonymous said...


red sox suck balls!!!