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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Game 2- Yankees Lose

New York Yankees
Oakland Athletics
NYY: Mike Mussina
OAK: Rich Harden
Yankees: 3
Athletics: 4
Win: Huston Street (1-0)
Loss: Scott Proctor (0-1)
Game 2 ended with a walk-off single by Marco Scutaro in the bottom of the 9th inning. Inexplicably, Proctor was the man on the mound and earned the loss in a game where the Yankees never once took advantage of the many opportunities they had throughout the night. Harden was in trouble in the first, yet the Yanks were unable to push any runs across, and that trend continued throughout the remainder of the game. In typical fashion, Mike Mussina received very little offensive support but managed to pitch a quality game, going 7 innings, striking out 6 and surrendering 3 earned runs (although it should only have been 2; the official scorer took away a Cano error for some reason in the 5th). All in all, it was a game of lost opportunities and a pretty terrible display after last night's rout. That stellar offense we all expect to see was pretty non-existant in Oakland. Let's hope, in future games, that Alex Rodriguez remembers what to do on the base paths from now on, that Scott Proctor is never again trusted in a tie game, and that the offense stops wasting quality starts and wakes up to their potential.
Tune in for the rubber match, Wednesday night at 10:05 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Good rcap- couldnt hav sed it betta meself

summer of sam said...

Scott proctor is horrible. The yankees never should have traded for him. He never throws strikes and he always looks like he's about to break down and cry when he's on the mound. Remember thta game last year against the devil rays where he allowed a bases loaded walk and the yanks lost the game? Typical proctor. Hate the guy.