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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

World Baseball Classic News

World Baseball Classic

- Yesterday, on WFAN's "Mike and the Mad Dog" Program, Alex Rodriguez indicated that he will likely represent the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic.

-On today's program, Mariano Rivera told Mike and Chris that as much as he
would like to pitch for Panama in the tournament, he doesn't feel as if his arm will be game-ready by the time March rolls around.

-Hideki Matsui plans on making a decision about whether or not he will play for Japan by the end of this week. The Japanese roster has left room for Matsui if he decides to play, and legendary manager Oh said he is "100% sure" that Matsui will join the team.

-Three New York Yankees are officially slated to play in the baseball classic- Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, and, obviously, Alex Rodriguez. Apparently, Jorge Posada offered to represent Puerto Rico, but the Yankees wisely declined; no need to put any extra wear and tear on a 34-year-old catcher, they reasoned. There is a chance that Al Leiter and Bernie Williams might play in the tournament as well, if their respective countries decide to put them on the roster.

Lara Marie*

EDIT:: Alex Rodriguez has withdrawn from the tournament since the time this was posted. He didn't want to offend the United States or the Dominican Republic and so, Mr. Politically Correct, decided not to play at all. At least we don't have to worry about any pre-season injuries...

YET ANOTHER EDIT (1/4/05):: I think Alex Rodriguez is intent on making me look like an uninformed fool, as he has changed his mind yet again and will now be playing for the United States in the WBC. At least for now.


Anonymous said...

So do you think the Yankees will get Jonny Damon? I think they might.

Anonymous said...

arod's an idiot

Lara Marie said...

First anonymous, I agree that it looks as if the Yankees will in fact secure Johnny Damon, although he is still asking for seven years and he'll have to sacrifice a few if he ever wants to play in pinstripes.

Second anonymous, I agree with you as well sometimes. In case you haven't realized yet, A-Rod isn't one of my favorites, although he does get treated a little harshly at times and I try not to jump on the bashing bandwagon.

Thanks for commenting you two!