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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Coming Soon

*An Exclusive Interview with Mike Mussina*
Last night, I had the good fortune of meeting Yankees right-hander Michael Cole Mussina, and I had an amazing time. When I get a chance, I will write out a transcript of some of his more interesting answers during his Q & A session and tell you all about the event. So stay tuned for that!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bloody Schilling

Not exactly Yankee related, but I found this article quite interesting and rather amusing. Yankee fans, enjoy:


Curt Schilling

“Between the white lines, it’s all real,” says one reporter who has covered Schilling. “But outside the white lines, there’s a huge gap between the man and the image he projects.” Take, for instance, Schilling’s self-glorifying display during Congress’s steroid hearings last March or his absurdly patriotic open letter to America on after 9/11, for which his teammates mocked him on a late-night bus ride with a chorus of “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy.” “They know what he’s about,” says the sportswriter. “I’d say a large percentage of them like him—every fifth day. He wears on people.”

On days he doesn’t pitch, Schilling is notorious for striking TV-ready poses on the dugout stairs. (His manager in Philadelphia, Jim Fregosi, dubbed him Red Light Curt.) “He’s somebody who’s always positioning himself in terms of what’s best for Curt Schilling,” says ESPN’s Pedro Gomez, who described Schilling as “the consummate table for one.” (Speaking of which, Schilling also has a reputation for sneaking into the clubhouse late in games to get a head start on the buffet.)

So avid is Schilling’s longing for the spotlight that some of his peers raise doubts about his now legendary turn in the 2004 postseason, when he pitched on an ankle tendon that had been sutured in place. During Game 6, cameras cut repeatedly to the bright red stain on Schilling’s sock. It was blood, right? “The Diamondbacks people think he definitely doctored that sock,” says the sportswriter. The ex-teammate laughs: “All around baseball, people questioned that. It was funny how the stain didn’t spread.”

Curt Schilling is a big-mouthed, arrogant, attention-seeking hypocrite, not to mention a member of the Boston Red Sox. I'm glad the media has stripped him of his "sainthood" and presented a more accurate picture of my own least favorite player in all of sports. And before you accuse me of hating anyone who has beaten the Yanks and wears a Boston uniform, let me tell you that I loathed the man from the moment I saw him back when he was not so talented and playing for the Phillies. Yes, Curt Schilling is now one of the premiere pitchers in the A.L. (although last season was a bit disasterous), but I can't stand him, and apparently no one else can either.


(By the way, the Top 5 Most Hated Athletes went like this: 5.) Kobe Bryant, 4.) Curt Schilling, 3.) Kurt Busch, 2.) Barry Bonds, 1.) Terrell Owens. Nothing too surprising there. AND to remain completely objective, two Yankees "Almost Made the Cut"- Randy Johnson and Alex Rodriguez. I whole-heartedly agree with putting the Big Unit on the list (God, imagine how horrible the Diamondbacks clubhouse must've been when Big Mouth and Big Unit were teammates!) but there are worse people out there than A-Rod...)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Big Day for Small

The Yankees avoided arbitration with Aaron Small today, agreeing to a one-year deal worth $1.2 million, a significant and well-deserved raise considering Small earned only $350,000 in 2005. The right-hander went a perfect 10-0 for New York when he was called up after the All-Star break, and contributed in a huge way to the turn-around the team made after the horrific 11-19 start.

And according to several sources, Mike Piazza's agent has contacted the Yankees about a possible deal. Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that Bernie Williams and Andy Phillips are the top candidates for the DH in 2006, but he hasn't completely ruled out the possible of bringing on Piazza. Come on, Omar Minaya, just take Mr. Piazza back to the Mets so we don't end up with another over-paid, aging superstar. That's really the last thing the Yankees need considering the progress they've made recently.

Anyway, I should have some good news and pictures this weekend because on Saturday, I'm heading off to Williamsport, PA to meet Mike Mussina. I've been looking forward to meeting him since August, so I can't wait for the weekend.

That's all the news for today... Don't forget to comment!


Friday, January 20, 2006

Alex Rodriguez Needs a Publicist...BADLY!

I feel stupid even reporting this, because chances are I'll have to edit it at some point in the near future, but as of this very second, Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez WILL play in the World Baseball Classic, and he WILL play for the UNITED STATES.

Now, to be fair to dear Alex, I understand how difficult the decision must have been. I mean, he was only born in New York, raised in Miami, and employed as the richest man in baseball in Seattle, Arlington, Texas, and New York. Other than that, he has no connection whatsoever to the United States. He totally spent, like, at least two summers in the Dominican Republic when he was four or five years old.



Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Team USA

Initial Roster for World Baseball Classic
Note: Final roster must be submitted 24 hours before the tournament begins.

Starting pitchers
Jeremy Bonderman, RHP, Detroit Tigers
Roger Clemens, RHP, free agent (formerly Houston Astros)
Roy Halladay, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays
Tim Hudson, RHP, Atlanta Braves
Al Leiter, LHP, New York Yankees
Jake Peavy RHP, San Diego Padres
Andy Pettitte, LHP, Houston Astros
C.C. Sabathia, LHP, Cleveland Indians
Dontrelle Willis, LHP, Florida Marlins

Relief pitchers
Chad Cordero, RHP, Washington Nationals
Brian Fuentes, LHP, Colorado Rockies
Todd Jones, RHP, Detroit Tigers
Brad Lidge, RHP, Houston Astros
Joe Nathan, RHP, Minnesota Twins
Scot Shields, RHP, Los Angeles Angels
Huston Street, RHP, Oakland Athletics
Mike Timlin, RHP, Boston Red Sox
Billy Wagner, LHP, New York Mets
Dan Wheeler, RHP, Houston Astros

Michael Barrett, Chicago Cubs
Paul Lo Duca, New York Mets
Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins
Chad Moeller, Milwaukee Brewers
Brian Schneider, Washington Nationals
Jason Varitek, Boston Red Sox

Craig Counsell, Arizona Diamondbacks
Morgan Ensberg, Houston Astros
Bill Hall, Milwaukee Brewers
Derek Jeter, New York Yankees
Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves
Derrek Lee, Chicago Cubs
Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia Phillies
Mark Teixeira, Texas Rangers
Chase Utley, Philadelphia Phillies
David Wright, New York Mets
Michael Young, Texas Rangers

Lance Berkman, Houston Astros
Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants
Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Johnny Damon, New York Yankees
Ken Griffey Jr., Cincinnati Reds
Vernon Wells, Toronto Blue Jays

Courtesy of

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The 40-Year-Old Minor Leaguer

Al Leiter: Columbus Clipper?

According to a reliable source, The Yankees have agreed to a minor league contract with last season's Marlins cast-off, Yankees mid-season acquisition, starter and eventual lefty- specialist, Al Leiter. Enough superlatives for you there?

Hope you're all as excited as I am!


Just to Pass the Time...

This is an argument I had (and won) in a conversation about Derek Jeter on a message board.

Anonymous Comment: Chacon, Wang, Small, and A Rod. Those four men carried the team. Bernie Williams didn't do sh!t for the team this year. Look at Jeter's strikeout numbers? He was second on the league in strikeouts with 117. Like I've stated before, he's all defense and no offense. Most overrated player in all of baseball.

My response: "OK...To state that any one Yankee carried the team in 2005 is foolish. In one of the most consistently inconsistent seasons I can ever remember, you can point to every single Yankee as having carried the team at one point (just like you can blame just about every Yankee for contributing to losing in the first round of the playoffs). The Yanks might never have gotten above .500 without Tino's torrid homerun streak in May, Moose's two CG shutouts started two of the longest and most significant winning streaks the team went on, guys like Felix Escalona, Bubba Crosby, and Tony Womack all had walk-off, game-winning hits, and really, if we had to pick *just one* player who carried the team it UNDOUBTEDLY would be Mariano Rivera! But baseball is a team sport and this season was certainly a team effort.

As for Bernie Williams, Anonymous, Do you happen to know which New York Yankee had the best average with runners in scoring position and two outs? Not A-Rod (not even close, actually), not Sheff or Matsui or Jeter or Giambi...None other than Bernie Williams himself. Did you watch any games in '05? Because if you did you'd remember his game-winning grand slam in Seattle, his game-winning hit versus the Mets at Shea, the go-ahead triple vs. the D'Rays that topped a 13-run 8th inning, his walk-off homer at the Stadium in September, and all the other big, clutch hits that Bernie has been able to come up with his whole career. Now, of course he's not the player he once was...He's a mere shadow of that player, but he's still a big-time hitter and in all honesty, there aren't too many guys on the team I'd rather see up in a big spot than Bernie.

Finally, to say that Derek Jeter is just a defensive player is insulting and foolish. If he were a Rey Ordonez or Omar Vizquel-type guy, I'd agree with you. But a guy who hits over .300 (.309 if I'm not mistaken...) with *202* hits, over 120 runs scored, 19 homeruns and 70 RBIs for a LEADOFF HITTER is pretty damn good! But according to your logic his strikeouts cancel all these numbers out, huh? Add a second consecutive gold-glove to that on top of a .314 lifetime batting average, 4 World Series rings (and one WS MVP award) and you tell me how many other major leaguers can compare to that in terms of all-around consistency, talent and performance. Guess what? You can't!

Think before you speak, people!"

Ignorant people drive me crazy. Remember, this was all informal and off the top of my head so I think I might be wrong about Jeter's lifetime average, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now. Had that argument a while ago but there's nothing going on right now and I thought I'd give you something to read about if you are in fact checking the site. And if you are, thanks so much for reading! Why not leave me a comment, though? I really do enjoy feedback and would appreciate it ever so much!

*Lara Marie

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Aggravating A-Rod

In an attempt to further annoy and alienate me, Alex Rodriguez has changed his mind again, and now plans to play in the World Baseball Classic for the United States and not the Dominican Republic.

He's changed his mind about three times already this offseason and I'm reluctant even now to post this, but considering there is nothing more exciting to report, waffling A-Rod will have to do for now.

Keep checking back!

Lara Marie*

Monday, January 02, 2006

Back to the Bronx

Miguel Cairo will be making another cross-town trip, this time leaving Shea and returning to Yankee Stadium to fill the role of utility infielder for the Yanks in 2006.
He signed a million dollar, one-year contract pending the passing of his physical which he plans to take sometime this week.
Cairo was actually quite successful in 2004, his one season in pinstripes, batting .292 and playing over 100 games, mostly at second. He will take the job held last season by Rey Sanchez and later, Mark Bellhorn.
Happy New Year to Everyone!
Lara Marie*